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FAQ Page

How long does it take to build a home?

Generally, this depends on your home, the location, and a few other factors. Once a building permit is issued, we can work with you to build the home. Typically, a property can take about 4-5 months to build, though there are different factors to consider.

What is an LBP or Licensed Building Practitioner?

The government’s LBP program helps to provide certainty that there is accountability when building a home. Our relevant staff, team members and contractors are licensed and have to meet certain high standards.

What guarantee is there for a home?

Our homes have a 10-year warranty based on the structure of the home. There is also a maintenance period of 6 months. Furthermore, you also receive guarantees on supplier/manufacturer items, e.g. on white ware and other items included in the home where this guarantee would apply. Our consultant can discuss this with you.

How do you get finance for a home?

You’ll be best to discuss with a finance broker who understands the new home construction process. They will be able to assess your deposit levels, serviceability, and recommend a bank/lender that may be suitable for your circumstances. A fixed price contract is agreed upon with us which is then sent to the bank who progressively pays us through the build of your home.

Who applies for the building consent?

Our company will arrange for the building consent application process for you. This is part of our many steps of ensuring the build of your new home is hassle-free.

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