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Home Loans & Finance

Guardian Homes makes it easy for you to get finance through your bank! Guardian Homes works on progress-payment style builds. Contact your preferred broker or finance provider today for more information on how you can own a Guardian Home. We have exciting property options that could see your home being financed from as little as a 5& or 10% deposit. You may be able to even use your KiwiSaver towards your own home.

Our fixed-price contracts means greater certainty for you and your family. This means that provided we agree on the terms of our engagement and anything else required, we can produce an amazing home at a fixed cost. This takes the hassle and sweat you of building your own home.

Our new homes have a 10 year guarantee and will hold builders risk insurance through the time your home is being built. This satisfies requirements of the bank to ensure your new home can be built and have your home loan approved.

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